Starting an Association
you and your friends have a team or you are organizing.

Why create an Association?

Creating an association is an important step towards the professionalization of your organisation.

stability vs. volatility

reliability vs. liability

sustainability vs. short-term

The more the merrier!


How to create an Association?

in Switzerland, establisching an association is incredibly easy. All it takes is a few friends that get together, sit down to agree on association statutes, and record this meeting in a written protocol. And there you have it.

The statutes and the minutes will allow you to create a bank account and other things for your association, or event get it registered in the register of commerce.

Of course the minutes and the statutes must meet a few criteria. But those are nothing to worry about.

Let's get right at it!

The following templates will help you create an association according to Swiss legislation:


Template for statutes of an association compliant with Swiss legislation and the membership requirements of the Swiss e-Sports Federation.

Foundation Meeting

Template for the meeting minutes of the foundation meeting of an association.