Thanks to the great effort of the organizers of Erenya, we have accomplished to introduce a Swiss Championship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , the “2014 Swiss Nationals”. At Erenya LAN #9 in December 2014, the team Red Instinct successfully conquered the trophy and was celebrated by the overwhelming applaus of the audience.

After Erenya organized the Swiss Nationals 2014 on short notice, they are now working on the 2015 edition of the Swiss Nationals. Last year the championship was a single tournament held at the Erenya-LAN #9.. 2015 will be different. In cooperation with other LAN-Party organizers from all over Switzerland, there will be several tournaments to qualify for the finals. The finals will take place during the 20-year anniversary edition for this year’s Netgame Convention.

We are proud to announce a first qualifier partner:

Our colleagues of the Butterlan will host a qualification tournament at their Butterlan #11 – the magic one (9. – 12. April 2015, Lüterkofen SO) which will be a qualifier for the finals of Swiss Nationals 2015. The first and second placed team will qualify itself for the finals in winter.

**Also the winners of each of the CS:GO tournament at the two LAN parties PolyLAN 25 (3. – 5 April 2015, Lausanne VD) and at Wesports 10 (17. – 19. April, Bussigny VD) will qualify for the Swiss Nationals 2015 finals at Netgame Convention.

Further qualification tournaments will be announced as soon as possible, so all teams have the chance to qualify.

General Rules:

There are 8 slots for the finals
The map pool is the same as the official ESL map pool
The line-up of a team at the finals must consist of at least three players from the original line-up at the time of qualification.
At least three players of any team must be Swiss residents (i.e. be registered in Switzerland; the Swiss citizenship is NOT required).
*As reigning champion the team Red Instinct is automatically qualified for the 2015 Swiss Nationals finals at Netgame. The line-up rule (three out of five players of the champion-team have to be the same) is also applied to Red Instinct.
A complete rulebook will follow shortly. We are happy that Erenya is organising the next round of the Swiss Nationals!