Colin Webster Elected as New President of IESF | 6 Members accepted as Full Members of IESF

The 2018 IESF General Meeting (GM) took place on November 10th at the ‘TESL Arena’ in Kaohsiung during the 10th Esports World Championship (WC).

Colin Webster, former IESF Board Member and General Secretary of Mind Sports South Africa, was elected as the new President of IESF to serve the role for the remaining term of presidency, which is until 2019 GM. Mr. Colin Webster has been with the IESF Board since 2013, and has been actively involved in promoting esports as a fully accredited sport, conducting dialogues with various traditional sports stakeholders.

With growing numbers of Esports National Federations every year, six full membership applicants have also joined IESF through the General Meeting:

  • Japan (Japan eSports Union),
  • Mexico (Mexican eSport Association),
  • New Zealand (New Zealand eSports Federation),
  • Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic & Intellectual Sport),
  • Slovakia (Slovakia Electronic Sports Association), and the
  • United States of America (United States eSports Federation).