The reorganisation 2016 was finally brought to a conclusion with the Extraordinary General Assembly on October 23rd in Bern. With almost 30 members – 20 of which are organisations who became ordinary members of the SESF (see: Members) – we are certainly off to a good start.

The newly elected Board of the SESF consists of new faces such as Boris Mayencourt as treasurer, Tom Riat and Rafael Kink, as well as former Board member Stephan Mäder – now in the position of the new vice-president – and Vinzenz Kögler, who was confirmed in his office as president of the federation (see: Organisation). It took a moment to get things started, yet the new board definitely added new momentum to the rumbling wheel which was the SESF. Slowly but surely the new board has set up it’s productive environment and dives into the many challenges ahead. 

Through the Revision Board (Cyril Dettwiler, Nicolas Pidancet and Cédric Schlosser) and the Control Commission (Pascal Burri, Cyril Dettwiler, Nguyen-Phuong Le, Léon Panchaud and Marco Wettstein) many more members of the community now take a much more active role in the SESF than before. 

The Board as well as the Revision Board and the Control Commission will certainly appreciate any kind of feedback, which you may provide through he contact form or via email at any time (see: Contact)

Getting in touch – and staying in touch!

One of the main issues in the past has always been the link to the community – to you! And that’s of our highest priority to change. The most valuable thing that we can achieve as a community for e-Sports in Switzerland is to find out who in Switzerland is actually into e-Sports in the first place – hook up with them, and get everyone on the same page. To do so, it is not necessary to come out in full force with a gazillion-feature-community-website right from the beginning. As everything in live, this also has to grow naturally. In a first step, we decided to go about this with a pragmatic initial approach: creating a mailing list.

There is hardly anything that’s more useful to us right now, than simply knowing where to reach you. We encourage everyone to sign up for our mailing list – and it goes without saying that it would be highly appreciated. We want to share as much information as possible, with as many interested people as possible. Most of us are aware of an universal truth regarding the Swiss e-Sports community today: it is hard work to reach as much of the community as possible. And we are convinced that – as simple as it sounds – an old fashioned mailing list, is just a perfect point to begin with.

Sign up to the SESF Mailing List here >

While we start with a simple mailing list today, the prospect is to – one day – achieve much more than just this. Think about a future where you can actually officially register as an e-Sports athlete of Switzerland; you could be licensed as a professional player; receive a fancy ID or certificate of your license status; apply for a sport athlete visa when travelling abroad. Everything is possible – one step at a time.

You want to reach us – and each other!

In addition to the old school contact form which we have always had on our website, we wanted to offer you more ways to get in touch with the people at the SESF – and, while we’re at it, also for you to get in touch with each other! But rather than creating yet another online forum, which would require you to get yet another user account with yet another password to memorize, just resulting in you having to check out one more page on a regular basis – which (let’s be honest) you probably won’t -, we again stick to “simplicity”: Discord.

Certainly most of you are already familiar with Discord. Voice and text channels in a single tool which comes for free as desktop application, web and even mobile app. We have created a SESF Server which we are already using for the meetings and discussions within the board, and we would love it if you decided to use it as well!

Swiss Esports Federation

100 User(s) Online Join Server

Last but no least: a new website

The most obvious change you probably already noticed – our new website. We finally moved away from the old customized CMS, which limited us very much in … pretty much anything. On top of offering us the flexibility to individualist the content more easily, it also is somewhat of a visual upgrade to the former page. It was a great page for a time, and we highly appreciate the efforts that helpers, such as developers and designers from withing the community, have put into it. It simply no longer met the needs of the SESF, and the community.

You probably have noticed as well, that for now we are running at a minimum of possible content. Especially the event calendar is missing for now. But no worries: We will continuously expand the content and features of the page – and adding the event calendar (with more functionality than it used to have on the old page) is one of the high-priority tasks to address on the website.


For now, all that we are left with to say is: Thank you for your continuous support! Thank you for signing up to the mailing list and connecting to our discord sever. Together we’ll get things moving at the SESF.