The Swiss qualification tournaments for the World Championship are complete. The line-ups of Lausanne eSports and Berzerk, and the player Mathieu “KiraKira” Nguyen from Team mYinsanity will represent Switzerland in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Tekken 7, during the 9th Esports World Championship, November 8-12 in Busan, Korea. Time is of the essence and the months until the world championship shall not be spent resting. Our players will train thourougly to be prepared for what is coming. Part of this preparation will involve friendly matches versus the national players of other member-nations of the International e-Sports Federation IeSF. Friendly matches such as one during tha past weekend.

Tekken Test Match: Switzerland vs. Russia 7:5 (3:1)

On Sunday, August 27th at 14:00 CEST, our Tekken player Mathieu “KiraKira” Nguyen met the Russian competitor Mikhail “Morton” Kvater for a friendly match between Switzerland and Russia. Mathieu secured a sound 7:5 overall series victory, finishing in a best-of-5 final with a clear 3:1. The first victory of hopefully many more to come for the Swiss competitors – during the preparation as well as hopefully during the world championship.