Through their Facebook page, the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) has just confirmed the first official title for this year’s world Championship: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

The 9th e-Sports World Championship in Busan, Korea, will mark the second appearance of CS:GO at the IeSF’s championships, after it was already part of the 8th e-Sports World Championships last year in Jakarta, Indonesia. In Jakarta, Switzerland was represented by the line-up of Team Maaischguet, which was just recently picked up by Swiss Prime Gaming. Last year, Switzerland was eliminated already at group stage. Unfortunate as the line-up ended up in a three-way tie for the second place, which would mean a spot the play-offs, resolving which didn’t go in Switzerland’s favor.

It was Finland that took the 2016 title after defeating China in the grand final. Korea came third after deciding the match for 3rd place against Thailand for themselves. Visit the IeSF website for a full record of last year’s results.

The representatives of Switzerland in CS:GO for this year’s world championship in Busan will once more be determined through a dedicated qualification tournament. Details will follow as soon as possible.