CS:GO Swiss Nationals SwitzerLAN Mode and Rule Update

After a longer break of qualifiers we have the next update for you to the standings of the Swiss Nationals in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The next qualifier will be held at the SwitzerLAN. The LAN takes place from 01. – 04. october in the Expo Bern and has room for 450 gamers. The tournament will begin on friday evening. Besides 5 DX-Racer chairs and 1’300 CHF in prize money there will also be two slots for the Swiss Nationals finals in december at the Netgame Convention.

Because of the attractive prizes already qualified teams and foreign teams might participate at the LAN aswell. In order to have a fair chance for all unqualified teams the mode will be played as follows:

The group stage will be played in the Swiss mode in double elimination and 4 teams in each group. Afterwards it will be played in a single elimination bo3 round. For teams who are not yet qualified there will also be a lower bracket. Teams who want to qualify for the finals will have the opportunity to participate in a lower bracket and fight for a slot. However, they will be excluded from the main tournament and any prizes.

If less than 17 teams participate in the tournament will detain the possibility of playing the k.o.-round in double elimination.

There is also an update concerning the rules. Because several already qualified teams split in the last few months, the SESF has decided to give their organisations the possibility to organise a new team for the finals.

Please remember to save the dates for both SwitzerLAN and Netgame and sign up! They also feature a lot of interesting other tournaments and features, so be sure to check them out:

We are looking forward to seeing you at both LANs and interesting tournaments!