The nations competition in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) “The World Championships” (TWC) by the Serbian organizatino E-Frag is about to start into the latest edition. An incredible number of 94 nations will be competing in the tournament this year. The eight best teams from the qualifiers will travel to the finals from October 12th to 16th in Belgrade, and compete for the 100’000 USD cash prize pool.

Much has been going on since the last announcement of the CS:GO national team, such that some adjustments had to be made to the line-up – changes to the vacant slots on the roster as well as on the positions which were already assigned to a player before.

Adjusted Roster

  • Michael “chline” Bieri, mYinsanity
    Team Captain / Rifler
  • Marc “xshort1” Müller, SILENTGAMING
    Player / AWP
  • Michael “carlsoN” Journot, Team OSEF
    Player / Rifler
  • Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez, Envy Us
    Player / Rifle
  • Samuel “freelance” Rio, Pulse Gaming
    Player / AWP
  • Gion “Merca” Janett, Team Maaischguet
    Player / Rifler
  • Tom “spIder” Weber, mYinsanity
    Player / Rifler
  • Luca “supluca” Peter, Team Maaischguet
    Player / Rifler
  • Nicola “scrunch” Riesen, mYinsanity
    Player / AWP
  • Roman “rmN” Ernst, Team Maa.lan
    Player / Rifler

The games of TWC will be broadcasted live via Azubu and Streams for Switzerland will be provided at least by no lesse than Andi’s GameTV. In order to provide also a French stream we are in the process of looking for suitable casters. Prior to the TWC matches there will be showmatches with other nations, to promote the event as well as Swiss CS:GO.

Best of luck to the team. Carry us to the playoffs!

Michael “chline” Bieri

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