International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) and Yinchuan International Game Investment Co. Ltd held press conference regarding the establishment of International e-Sports Academy in Beijing JW Marriot Hotel, China on 10th of March 2016. Both entities have signed an agreement to establish International e-Sports Academy on 8th of March, 2016.

The status of e-sports is rising day by day and e-Sports market is also growing rapidly, however, the infrastructure of e-sports, especially on training system for professional human resources, is not systematically organized yet. Moreover, the young talents who want to access the e-sports scene go through difficulties to find the right direction. For this reason, IeSF have met various global e-sports partners and prepared to develop and operate the e-Sports training program which e-Sports workers, players, and various e-Sports organizations and companies can benefit from.

Yinchuan International Game Investment Co.Ltd had same point of view on establishing International e-Sport Academy and showed active intention to participate on this project early this year. As they have promised to invest $ 2 million United States Dollar on International e-Sports Academy for 5 years starting from 2016, IeSF can now build infrastructure to train professional e-Sports human resources who could lead the e-sports society.

In 2016, the first year of International e-Sports Academy, IeSF and Yinchuan International Game Investment Co.Ltd plan to develop online and offline training program to train referee and broadcasting human resources by priority, and extend the range of program to train coach and marketer in the following year. Also, IeSF is looking forward to develop e-sports master course where graduates will have opportunity to do internship program at e-sports organization, game developer, and broadcasting company.

Furthermore, IeSF will gain a foothold that e-sports talents can access not only e-sports industry but also other sports industry. With this, IeSF expects e-Sports talents to reach various international sports federations and sports industry which will naturally expand the continuous exchange in both industries. IeSF, by narrowing the gap between e-sports and traditional sports, plans e-Sports to grow as traditional sports in near future.

Mr. Byunghun Jun, the President of IeSF said “e-sports is a fledgling industry. To let e-Sports grow as traditional sports, the foundation of training professional e-Sports human resources should be settled. IeSF, the international sports federation pursuing e-sports to be recognized as the traditional sports, will keep concentrate on the business which IeSF can only do, and cooperate with all e-sports partners which are league organizer, broadcasting company, game developer, each national federation, international sports federation.”

Mr. Alex Lim, the Secretary General of IeSF said “IeSF has finally earned the opportunity to act as an international federation after the establishment of IeSF. IeSF will expand more business starting with International e-Sports Academy. Moreover, IeSF will especially support national federations to build e-Sports infrastructure in each country.”