The third reorganisation commission meeting took place online on the 22nd of June 2016. This post’s objective is to summarize the topics we discussed to allow for feedback and so that the community can be up-to-date with the commission’s work. Our next meeting will be held again online on June 29th.

You will find below a summary of the meeting.


  • Membership Program, Basics (discussion to be continued)
  • Structure, Basics (discussion to be continued)


  • Basic categorization of members
    Members will be divided into ordinary, extraordinary and honorary members.
  • Basic criteria to member categories
    Only legal entities, i.e. organizations that are structured in a legal form (e.g. association according to CC Art. 60ff) can become ordinary members of the association. This explicitly excludes natural entities, i.e. individual persons, as well as organizations with no legal entity.
    Legal as well as natural entities can become extraordinary members of the associations.

Further criteria, rights and responsibilities of each type of member are part of the ongoing discussions.

If you have any question or reaction regarding the points above feel free to contact us via mail reorgcomm[at]

You can also find the public Trello here (we are still in the process of moving our tasks to the trello board, we apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience).

Vinzenz Koegler,

on behalf of the SESF Reorganisation Commission