The groups for the group stage of the European Nations Cup by E-Frag have been drawn. In group D Switzerland is up against opponents such as Germany, France and Italy. Former, Germany and France will certainly be the most challenging opponents. The group stage will be played out during the next few weeks. The top four finishers of each group advance to the next stage of the tournament.

Group D (Switzerland):

Dates for the group stage:

Round: 1. -6.10
Round: 7.-12.10
Round: 13.-18.10
Round: 19.-24.10
Round: 25.-30.10
Statement about the groups by Marc ‚xShort1‘ Mueller:

“Hello everyone! First of all I wanted to appreciate all the support you showed for the match against Ireland. I was very happy to see so many Swiss viewers on the stream. After a close fight in the match against Ireland on the first map, and the decisive second map, we were able to qualify for the group stage. With Group D we unfortunately were drawn in one of the hardest groups. We are the underdogs. With Germany, France and the Ukraine, we face renouned e-Sports nations. Also Italy and Kazakhstan, with the player ‘adreN’ is not to be underestimated. I’m confident that we can achieve an upset in this group and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you again on stream, on October 2nd, 8PM.”

The first game is scheduled for this evening against the Ukraine. The line-up for this game will be:

Manuel ‘SolEk’ Zeindler
Matthieu ‘Maniac’ Quiquerez
Diyar ‘diYAR’ Akyol
Ivan ‘refo’ Rajic
(Marc ‘xshort1’ Müller, Hogir ‘phX’ Aksakal)
Good luck to the team! Hopp Schwiiz!

** Update 02.10.2013 21:00 **

Switzerland plays a draw against the Ukraine 15:15