As announced earlier, the extraordinary general assembly regarding this year’s reorganisation of the Swiss E-Sports Federation will take place on Sunday, October 23rd.

Once again, as for many similar events by the federation in the past, the venue will be the Best Western Hotel Bern (Zeughausgasse 9, 3011 Bern; Arrival and registration opens around 12:30 PM. The extraordinary general assembly will commence at 1:00 PM.

Participation only for Members

The extraordinary general assembly is not open to the public. Participation is possible exclusively for ordinary, extraordinary and honorary members, as well as for the members of the organs of the federation.

Each member organisation (i.e. team, event organisation, etc.) may participate with a maximum of 2 persons.

Important: Who is considered a member?

A member of the federation and therefore eligible to participate in the extraordinary general assembly is only who has submitted an according demand via the Googleform, and has been temporarily accepted as a member by decision of the board.

Anyone who has not submitted such a demand, or the board has not made a decision regarding the acceptance, is not yet a member of the federation!

  • To the googleform for the membership application in German >
  • To the googleform for the membership application in French >

Motions and Nominations to the extraordinary General Assembly

All ordinary and extraordinary members, as well as the organs of the federation, have the right to submit motions and nominations to the general assembly. These have to submitted in writing (this may also by e-mail) to the board of the federation, at least 10 days prior the assembly, i.e. October 13th.

Notification of the Agenda

The agenda for the extraordinary general assembly will be shared with the members by the board, at least 1 week prior the assembly, i.e. October 17th.