The first online reorganisation commission meeting with the new created group took place on the 2nd of June 2016. This post’s objective is to summarize the topics we discussed to allow for feedback and so that the community can be up-to-date with the commission’s work. Our first in person meeting will be held in Bern on the 12th of June 2016. You will find below a summary of the most important decision taken during the meeting:

  • External communication
    • One news will be posted on the SESF website every time we meet (online or IRL)
    • A public Trello board will be accessible for the whole reorganisation committee existence
    • Decisions made by the reorganisation commission are made by the group and the seven members will stand behind it
  • The commission main goal is to write the statutes and then if we have more time we will decide on what else to focus on
  • We have set the following deadlines for the statutes
    • Deadline for ‘technical alpha statutes’: 02.07. (compliance to CC)
    • Deadline for ‘closed beta statutes’: 23.07.
    • Dealdine for ‘open beta statutes’: 06.08.
  • For the first meeting we will focus on discussing the SESF vision,missions, goals and name with the use of the idea proposed  by all the kick-off participants

If you have any question or reaction regarding the points above feel free to contact us via mail reorgcomm[at]

You can also find the public Trello here.

Boris Mayencourt,
on behalf of the SESF Reorganisation Commission