The second Reorganisation Commission meeting took place in Bern on the 12th of June 2016. This post’s objective is to summarize the topics we discussed to allow for feedback and so that the community can be up-to-date with the commission’s work. Our next meeting will be held within this or next week.

You will find below a summary of the meeting.


  • Vision / Missions and Goals : brainstorming
  • Integrate the work from the kick-off meeting
  • Renaming the federation


  • Abbreviating electronic sports
    We have decided to follow the International e-Sports Federation (ieSF) abbreviationg “e-Sports”
  • Vision, mission and goals
    We started drafting a vision statement as well as the federation’s goals and missions which will all be subject to further modification until the end of the commission

    Vision: “The Swiss e-Sports Federation intends to become the umbrella organisation, a governing body for competitive electronic gaming, representing all parts of Switzerland equally. It shall be officially recognized as a sports federation and shall achieve recognition of the electronic games culture.”
    Goals and missions: Due to the high number of identified elements we still need to refine the list before we can propose it to you. Moreover it is not set in stone and will evolve during the next months.

  • Name
    The discussion regarding a potential name change has been taken and although we have all agreed that it would be the best moment to do so we still need to discuss the matter further.

If you have any question or reaction regarding the points above feel free to contact us via mail reorgcomm[at]

You can also find the public Trello here (we are still in the process of moving our tasks to the trello board, we apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience).

Boris Mayencourt,

on behalf of the SESF Reorganisation Commission