According to the progress report and outlook sent to the representatives of the IeSF’s member national associations today, the plan of hosting a European Championship instead of an World Championship in 2014 was overthrown.

Instead, the International e-Sports Federation will continue with hosting World Championships. Currently, the most proper candidate to host the IeSF 2014 World Championship, is Baku (Azerbaidjan). Which may seem a very random choice, but is in fact a highly strategical decision.

Azerbaidjan will also be hosting the first ever European (Olympic) Games in 2015 – the continental pendant to the (global) Olympic Games (comparable to the European Championship in football as the continental counterpart to the Football World Championship). The IeSF is in negotiation with the European Olympic Comitee (EOC) and the European Games’ organizers in Azerbaidjan. Goal of the negotiations is hosting an e-Sports tournament as part of the program at the European Games.

Based on this background, the greater goal behind hosting the IeSF 2014 World Championships in Baku clearly is, to convince the EOC and the European Games’ organizers in Azerbaidjan, of the value of e-Sports as a legitimate competitive sport discipline. Similar to the Asian Games of 2013, where the IeSF as achieved that e-Sports was an official part of this mega sport event, it could be that Europe too, e-Sports will find there way into major sports events soon.