It wasn’t too long ago that the Swiss Esports Federation held the Swiss finals where teams battled it out to decide who will have the glorious honor to represent Switzerland at the IESF World Championship taking place in Kaohsiung later this year.



Thanks to our sponsors Swisscom, ASUS Republic of Gaming and Trojka we held the event at eParadise where made a gigantic effort and literally shifted their entire studio to ensure the quality above everything and it was amazing! SESL, kindly organized the admins and our board member Pascal Burri was the designated observer for League of Legends which was cool, he may have just found a new career path he was that good!

It goes without saying on behalf of the SESF we would like to thank everyone who supported this event, with special thanks to Riot for providing us with a much-needed tournament client.

With that, the Swiss Agents won the League of Legends tournament and Berzerk won the Counter Strike Global Offensive tournament along with myInsanity who won the Tekken 7 tournament. These are the folks who will be representing us at Kaoshiung in November this year. They will be supported by Michael Bieri who will coach the CSGO team and Ali Nasserzadeh who will coach the League of Legends team.

Now, one would think that this is it, it can’t get bigger but wait!

This weekend on Saturday the 15th of September, the SESF with support from Zurich Game Show will be hosting for the first time a live exhibition match with Switzerland vs Denmark in CSGO and League of Legends.

Visitors at the Zurich Game Show can cheer the Swiss and Danish teams in this friendly on Saturday where the CSGO games start at 10:00 AM and the league of legend games start at 12:00!

But really it doesn’t stop there! The Swiss Made Games League, our very own organization filled with the most passionate esports professionals in Switzerland is organizing its second Retimed Major and this year they will also be running the SESF booth where not only do you have the chance to enter the Retimed Tournament but you can also try out other Swiss developed games. The Retimed finals will take place on Sunday evening at the main stage of Zurich Game Show