After a successful first pre-qualifier, it’s time to move on to the second one. This one will be hold on the Sunday 4th of August, another chance for you to be qualified.

Four teams are already qualified for the qualifier taking place on the 18th of August :

mYinsanity Heimerdingers
Prevail Gaming
Swiss Bulls
eSharks Megalodon


Date : 04.08.2013 13:00
Format : Double Elimination Bo1 (Overall Final Bo3)
Mode : Tournament Draft
Server : EU West
Participants : 16 teams
Chat room : sesfqualifier
Brackets :

Registrations will close the day before the tournament starts or when the limit of 16 teams is reached. Each team is allowed one substitute player. In case of unexpected absence of a player, each team is allowed to change 2 players up until the tournament starts. Once the tournament starts the teams can no longer be changed.

It’s not allowed for any players to be part of more than 1 team as well as switching teams more than once.
Swiss players only.

The tournament starts at 1pm. If a team fails to be complete and/or present 15 minutes after the scheduled beginning of a match they will be disqualified.

Results of all games have to be reported back to the tournament administration by the team captain of the victorious team.
– In order to do this you have to upload a screenshot to and send the link to the tournament administration.

The team in the upper box of the bracket will be playing on blue side / left side in game lobby.
– In order to start a match the blue team has to open a game and invite the other team.

The tournament admins will create a seeding based on recent Swiss tournaments.

If needed, we can provide you a Teamspeak channel for your team, please ask when you register


The tournament will be played on the most recent League of Legends Patch.

Any released champions will be eligible for play.

The /pause function may be used in the following events:

One or more players have problems concerning his connection to the game.
One or more players have problems concerning their computer.
You must not use the /pause function in the following events:

There is a Fight going on.
To gain an advantage of any kind.
Without any apparent reason.
In case a team infringes one or more of these rules, the disadvantaged team has to report this to the tournament admins.

Any offense may be punished with disqualification.

If the restart of a match is necessary, the tournament administration has to be informed immediately. The case will be analyzed and appropriate measures will be taken.

Fair play is the key to a successful tournament for everyone.


Each team will have a team captain responsible for the communication for the whole team. He must be present on the chat room of the tournament.

The team captain has to send an email with all 5(6) summoner names (only swiss players) and the team name to :

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about the tournament.

Streams :

French :

German : TBA