A great opportunity for the esports in Switzerland


Dear Members of the SeSF,

there are alot of things going on while we’re building our infrastructure and in the midst of all this we’ve got some big news regarding the SeSF’s involvement with the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) for you.

Vinzenz Kögler, President of the Swiss e-Sports Federation, has become a board member of the International e-Sports Federation. He was elected to this position by the current board of the IeSF by cooptation, after Eddy Lim, the president of the Indonesian e-Sports Federation and host of this year’s IeSF World Championship in Jakarta, has resigned from his position on the Board. It is a great honor not only to Vinzenz Kögler, but the SeSF as a whole, as this decision acknowledges our work and contributions to the IeSF ever since it’s foundation in 2008.

Opportunities and Consequences

For the SeSF this will mean, that it will have to share the capacity of its President with the IeSF, and that every other member on the Board of the SeSF will need to compensate a part of the missing capacity. But at the same time, it means that the opinions, ideas or concerns of the Swiss e-Sports (not only the federation’s but also the player’s, team’s and event’s) are carried straight into the board of the international federation. This also helps our scene to be recognized by the international field and opens up more opportunities for networking purposes. Similarly this also holds true nationally, since this shows that Switzerland may not just play a small side roll in the international e-Sports scene.

On a side note, it will also mean that the SeSF will have to spend less ressources to transport and accommodate Vinzenz Kögler to/at IeSF events, since the IeSF covers the costs of it’s board members – leaving more ressources to potentially send more representatives to such events.


If there are any further questions feel free to send the board an email to: board@sesf.ch