With the Wesports LAN #10 taking place in Bussigny-prés-Lausanne (VD) over the last weekend, the qualifier marathon for the 2015 Swiss Nationals playoffs of the past few weeks comes to a conclusion. Two weeks ago at PolyLAN 25, one week ago at Butterlan 11, and just now at Wesports LAN #10, a first set of teams have qualified für the finals of the Swiss Championship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, going down at this year’s anniversary edition of Netgame Convention, in December in Thun (BE).

At the CS:GO tournament at Wesports, the mixed Line-Up Carrybus, consisting of players from the teams Red Instinct and ENCORE-GAMING, was able to win over E-Corp in the grand finals. However, as the players are already qualified for the playoffs with their own teams – Red Instinct as reigning champion and ENCORE-GAMING qualified at PolyLAN -, it is the players of the team E-Corp who can look forward to participating at the 2015 Swiss Nationals Playoffs.

Resultsfrom Wesports LAN #10 (Link):


Qualifiers are having a extended break for now. It will continue at Switzerlan #2, October 1-4 at Suisse Toy in Bern, where another two spots for the Playoffs can be conquered. Finally, the last available spot will be up for grabs at Netgame Convention.

Qualified for the Playoffs:

Red Instinct (reigning Champion)
mYinsanity.eu (Butterlan)
SILENTGAMING Hawks (Butterlan)
E-Corp (Wesports)
tbd (Switzerlan)
tbd (Switzerlan)
tbd (Netgame Convention)