Boris Mayencourt, Cyril Dettwiler, Daniel Haller, Dominique Hostettler, Tom Riat, Vinzenz Koegler and Yann Beaud have all been appointed to the Reorganization Commission at the SESF Reorg 2016 Kick-Off Meeting in Bern on Mai 21st. Thanks to their tireless and selfess volunteer work over the past several months, the “new SESF” is finally in the starting blocks.

New Statutes

The new statutes have been put into force! They form a simple, yet stable and scalable basis for the future federation – your federation!

To the English version of the statutes >

There is still plenty of room for developing additional details. However, they should not be defined by the Reorganization Commission or the current Board, but instead be shaped according to the wishes and needs of the future members.

As a member of the federation you have the power, to make proposals to the General Assembly, suggesting changes and extensions to the statutes.

Become a Member now!

Submit your membership request as soon as possible, such that you may also participate and vote in the extraordinary general assembly on Sunday, October 23rd!

As up this moment we accept your membership submissions via Google Form:

To the French Membership Submission Form >

All membership submissions will be checked and evaluated as fast as possible by the Board, who will decide abour your admission as a member ad interim. As a member ad interim you already have the same statutatory rights (and obligations) as regular members – in particular the right to participate in the General Assembly. The final decision over the definite admission as a member lies with that General Assembly on October 23rd.

Yes, that’s right: at that point in time, all members will in fact be members ad interim “only” by decision of the board. Nonetheless they have the right to vote on over the definite admission of the members (except over their own, naturally).

Membership Benefits?

The possibilities of benefits we could generate or members are endless. It may “only” start with you having the chance to vote and work in the federation, but next: you decide the benefits! May it be discounts for SESF members when participating in events of organizations which are SESF members as well. Or members getting discounts on participation – or perhaps even have an exclusive right to participate – in SESF events (Swiss Nationals, IeSF qualifiers, etc.).

Such benefits are not defined today. But if your ideas find a majority among the members, they can be decided. The power lies in your hands!

No Membership Fees!

For now, the membership is free! No membership fee will be demanded for the ongoing year.

It is the General Assembly who defines the annual membership fees for the following fiscal year – i.e. starting on January 1st. The extraordinary General Assembly on October 23rd will be decide next year’s annual membership fee effective on January 1st 2017.

Extraordinary General Assembly on October 23rd

An extraordinary General Assembly of the Swiss E-Sports Federation will take place on Sunday, October 23rd. As a member – even as a member ad interim – you can propose your candidates for the offices in the Federation, request decisions or suggest changes to the statutes to the General Assembly (in order to do so correctly please pay attention to the statutorily defined deadlines).

We are looking forward to your admission as members of the federation, and to hearing your voices in the extraordinary General Assembly!