Coming Monday, the Swiss nationalteam in Counter-Strike. Global Offensive of team captain Marc ‘xshort1’ Mueller, is starting into E-Frag’s European Nationscup EC2013. For this second preliminary qualification phase our team will have to go up against Ireland. Not only for Switzerland, but for Ireland this is the first game in the ongoing nationscup as well. With a vitory in this best of 3, the team can directly qualify for the groupstage. The chance for the Swiss team to make it are good. Great players such as Maniac or SolEk are a great addition to our team and could have decisive influence on the outcome of the game.

Possibly the Lineup for Switzerland:

Matthieu ‘Maniac’ Quiquerez
Manuel ‘SolEk’ Zeindler
Kevin ‘ito’ Titonel
Diyar ‘diYAR’ Akyol
Marc ‘xshort1’ Müller
Substitute: Hogir ‘phX’ Aksakal
Substitute: Johnny ‘mojo’ Nordmann

Statement by team captain Marc ‘xshort1’ Mueller:

“Hello everybody! On Monday we finnally start into the first edition of the EC2013 tournament, organized by EFRAG. On three maps (ideally only two) we will have to come out on top of the Irish team of team captain Philip ‘Whindanski’ Nicholas – a beatable opponent. The game commences on Monday 9PM CEST. I hope we can count on YOUR support – on Stream (infos will be released soon) or on GOTV. As recent events have shown, Switzerland seems to be in a good standing in matches against opponents from the British Islands 😉 You may notive the player Diyar ‘diYAR’ Akyol in our lineup who has been falsly accused of cheating and been banned from the ESL two weeks ago. The ESL has admitted that the accusation was based on an error, produced by the ESL anti-cheat-tool ‘ESL Wire’. diYAR was unbanned and is once again free to play in the Swiss nationalteam.”

***UPDATE: 24.09.2013***

Team Switzerland defeats Ireland in the preliminary round two. While the game was very close on the first map de_inferno_se (16:14), the team achieved a clear and decisive victory on de_dust2_se (16:7). The team makes it to the groupstage!

de_inferno_se 16:14
de_dust2_se 16:7