The fourth and fifth reorganisation commission meeting took place online on the 29nd of June and 6th of July 2016. This post’s objective is to summarize the topics we discussed to allow for feedback and so that the community can be up-to-date with the commission’s work. Our next meeting will be held approximately in two weeks from now.

You will find below a summary of the meeting.


  • Memberships continued (discussion to be continued)
  • Structure continued (discussion to be continued)


  • Criteria to membership

    Only teams or organizers of physical gaming and/or e-Sports events who are legal entities, i.e. organizations that are structured in a legal form with a legal personality (e.g. association according to CC Art. 60ff), which have their domicile in Switzerland and have existed as such for at least one (1) year (exceptions to this are considered for the launch or the reorganized SESF at the extraordinary general meeting), can become ordinary members of the association. This explicitly excludes natural entities, i.e. individual persons, as well as organizations with no legal personality.

    Natural entities as well as any other legal entity with a legal personality, who are actively involved in the Swiss e-Sports scene (according to statutes, or recent activities), and which have existed as such for at least one (1) year (legal entities), can become extraordinary members of the associations.

    Any natural entity can be proposed as candidate for an Honorary membership (typically a membership category which is granted to major contributors to an association). It is not possible to apply for an honorary membership.

    Ordinary as well as extraordinary members will have to pay an annual membership fee. Honorary Members are exempt from an annual membership fees.

  • Organs
    • General Assembly
      The highest organ of any association. It is composed of all ordinary, extraordinary, honorary members and members of the organs. It elects all members of the other organs.
    • Board
      In charge of all operative tasks of the association as well as the realization of the association’s purposes. It will consist of seven (7) members.
    • Revision Board
      Is responsible for checking the finances and the accounting of the association. It will consist of three (3) members.
    • Control Board
      Is a “safety mechanism” supervise the reasonable and purposeful work of the board. It can override the board and call for a general assembly if it see’s the interest of the association and its members at risk. It will consist of one or more representatives of each class of member (e.g. team, event-organizer, etc.; classifications are not yet defined)..

Further details concerning membership (classification of members, criteria, membership fees, benefits for members, etc.) and structure (e.g. each organ’s composition, rights and responsibilities, voting, decisions, elections, convocation, etc.) are an ongoing discussion.

If you have any question or reaction regarding the points above feel free to contact us via mail reorgcomm [at]

Vinzenz Koegler,

on behalf of the SESF Reorganisation Commission