According to first information given out by the International E-Sports Federation (IeSF;, this year’s world championship will be held in the Polish city of Lodz. Additional details have been announcend concerning the first couple of titles which have been voted on by the national member-federations and confirmed by the developers for the IeSF 2015 World Championship.

The team games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA2), both of which are developed by Valve, have been the first two to be confirmed for the Open For All competitions.

Since the gender segregation of the IeSF’s world championship has lead to a massive shitstorm on various internet platforms in the past years, in 2014 the IeSF settled on changing the male-only competition to a mixed Open For All competition. A model which the federation is continuing to apply this year.

With CSGO and DotA2 the IeSF has picked two of the major titles in international E-Sports which account to the most popular multiplayers-games in Switzerland as well. Despite the scenes of those games in Switzerland not being as stable as for example in League of Legends – i.e. team-constellations are much more volatile – the Swiss E-Sports Federations hopes to send teams for both competitions to the IeSF 2015 World Championship. Financials have to be secured first before any thought on qualifiers can be wasted. For this the federation most certainly try to win over companies as sponsors, but also members of the community willing to contribute to the quest shall get a chance to add their part.