Gladly we announce once again a official Swiss nationalteam. For the first time, the SESF presents a team in the categorie Counter-Strike. Global Offensive. In the past days and weeks, team captain Marc “xshort1” Mueller hast put together a powerful team of former EPS competitors and other top-notch players.

The team will participate in it’s first official European Nations Cup in CS:GO, operated by the Serbian community “E-Frag”. There they will have to go up against strong teams from all over Europe. Teams from France, Sweden and Germany, to name only a few of the intimidating opponents to face.

Line-Up Team Switzerland CS:GO:

Marc ‘xshort1’ Müller (Team Captain)
Kevin ‘ito’ Titonel
Franky ‘synTh’ Heuberger
Dyar ‘ diYAR’ Akyol
Ivan ‘refo’ Rajic
Hogir ‘phX’ Aksakal
Jonathan ‘mojo’ Nordmann
Mathieu ‘Maniac’ Quiquerez
The SESF wishes the team captain and his players good luck, success, and hopefully some great results at the upcoming ENC. The groupstage of the tournament will begin in the first week of Septemer. Further info on streams and additional coverages will be announced as soon as more details are available.

***UPDATE 05.09.2013***
Some changes win the lineup of the CS:GO nationalteam were made shortly before the start of the tournament. The player Dyar “diYAR” Akyol was removed from the lineup. As a replacement, the player Manuel “SolEk” Zeindler from the Team ALTERNATE ATTAX has been added to the roster. A player like him, surely will proof to be a valuable addition to our team, in the upcoming European Nations Championship. Read more about the tournament here.