Since the console title Tekken 7 is outside the comfort zone of our our partners for CS:GO and LoL, they prefered not to provide qualifiers also for this game title. For this reason we continued our search for partners and are happy to announce that our search was successful.

We were able to win over the teams of GameTurnier and to operate the qualifier for the remaining game titles on the console – assuming that the IeSF will announce one more console title to be played at the 9th Esports World Championship shortly. GameTurnier has a long history of organizing esports tournaments for popular sports simulations such as FIFA, NHL and also PES. Equally, being the successor of former Swiss fighting game communities such as “Tekkenfieber” unites some of the most active organizers from the fighting game scene in Switzerland. The also recently founded the Versus Fighting 

Offline Event

In a joint effort the two organizations will coordinate one single physical event for the qualifier.  This event will take place on Saturday, August 12 2017 at Markthalle Burgdorf, in parallel to the LAN party Eevent #8 taking place at that location during the weekend. No, you will not have to participate in the LAN to partake in the qualifier. In fact, except for taking place at the same location, the qualifier will happen entirely independent from any other tournaments played at the LAN party. LAN participants won’t even gain any benefits in the participation in the qualifier – so, no need to worry.

More details regarding the exact schedule, registrations etc. will follow. Stay tuned!