Just recently, the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) has announced the creation of the Referees’ Commission. The purpose of the commission will be to produce rules for the running of IeSF accredited championships and to develop a standardisation for International referees.

In a first step, the members of the IeSF could propose candidates for the position of the chairman of the Referees’ Commission to the board of the IeSF. From among the candidates the board has appointed Markus Sakari Koskivirta from the Finnish e-Sports Federation (SEUL, Suomen Elektronisen Urheilun Litto), who was also closely involved in the development of the commission’s regulation. Subsequently, IeSF members were asked to propose candidates for the additional positions on the Referees’ Commission which would then be appointed by the chairman as well as the board.

From Switzerland, we have put forward and supported one strong candidate for such a position, Lukas Jakob, president of ArcticGaming. and member of the SeSF’s Control Commission. And we’re glad and proud to announce, that Lukas Jakob was appointed a position on the Referees’ Commission of the IeSF. There are now two representatives of Swiss e-Sports in active roles within the structure of the IeSF. By this, the SeSF is not only strengthening its relation to and influence in the international community, but also increases its committment to supporting the IeSF’s goal of becoming an internationally recognized governing body for e-Sports.

Lukas Jakob, newly appointed member of the IeSF Referees’ Commission:
“When I heard that I got accepted into the IeSF Referee’s Commission I couldn’t have been happier. Ever since I started my projects in Swiss eSport I always wanted it to go into a more professional direction. I tried to make that thought clear to all the players and people I interacted with. After some time of being active in the Swiss scene I had a clearer goal in mind: to build an official ruleset and an infrastructure that helps players, teams and event organisers equally. After being voted into the Referee’s Commission I can finally work on this goal, not only for Switzerland but for the whole World. I am very grateful and proud to represent my country in this Commission and I am looking forward to work together with motivated people from other countries.”