In June the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) nominated Markus Sakari Koskivirta, an international esports referee from Finland, as Chair of the IeSF Referees’ Commission.

Markus Koskivirta has successively completed various positions as the head referee in esports competitions, including previous esports world championship of the IeSF. Starting his referee career in 2009, he served on the ‘jury’ at the 2016 World Championship in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“I’m very thankful for this opportunity to ensure the high quality of IeSF World Championship now and in the future. The Rules and Regulations used for competitions are what make a tournament reliable and ensure an even playfield for all participants. In addition to guaranteeing the integrity of the World Championship I believe the Commission can benefit other esports operatives by creating a standardized set of rules and guidelines for use openly and around the world. I’m personally looking forward to starting the work in collaboration with the members of the Commission as soon as possible.” said Markus Koskivirta, the new Chair of Referees’ Commission of the IeSF.

The Referees’ Commission will be focusing on the management of competition regulations of the esports world championship. It will also be working on the criteria for venue operation, mechanical gear regulations, for esports athletes to play under standardized conditions, to support an improved competition environment for the players, and to maximize performance and competitiveness inside the games. The commission is also to allocate its efforts to establish a training system to educate potential esports referees in relation to the International Esports Academy, an initiative to support follow-up careers of retiring esports athletes.

“IeSF is very pleased to appoint Mr. Koskivirta as the Chair” said Alex Lim, Secretary General of IeSF. “With his expertise, IeSF trusts that the new referee commission will be a milestone for standardizing the international esports scene, which is also one of the core mission of IeSF. We will continue enhance the esports ecosystem and create more values for the welfare of esports athletes for the better of esports and protection of players.”