The Swiss national Qualifier für the IeSF 2013 World Championship in Bucharest, Romania has concluded. After a tough and tight double-elimination tournament, Dennis “Koala” Berg, captain of the mYinsanity Heimerdingers, and his team clearly decided the grand finals in their favor, with a 2:0 victory over Jacob “Guardian Jack” Dietsche’s Swiss Bulls. The Heimerdingers remain only one single step away from the IeSF 2013 World Championship. Admitedly not entirely unexpected, but against all the hopes of the SESF, too many European Nations have decided to send a League of Legends team to the World Championship. Thus, the IeSF is forced to hold one last deciding online qualifier.

IeSF 2013 Euro Online Qualifier

The categorie “League of Legends” of this year’s IeSF World Championship has raised a huge amount of interest among the European member associations. 16 nations decided to send a League of Legends team. However, only 9 spots are available to the European nations at the world championship. That’s why there will be a final online preliminary held by the IeSF in September, to decide which 9 of the 16 teams (Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Israel, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey) will finally be invited to the championship in October/November.

The teams will be split in two groups according to their LoL-Server region:

Group A (EU West): Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland
Group B (EU Nordic&East): Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Israel, Russia, Sweden, Turkey

A double-elimination (bo1) bracket will be played in each group until it is decided which are the top 4 teams in group A, and the top 5 teams in group B respectively. These 9 teams will finally be able to call themsels IeSF 2013 World Championship competitors!

More Financial Support From the Community!

Should the players manage to make it through the online qualifier by the IeSF and finally qualify for the IeSF WCS, they can look forward to yet another thing. After having announcen a new sponsor with every news post concerning the Swiss national qualifiers, we are happy to announce, that we have found yet another sponsor, to support our team in travelling to Bucharest. The Swiss Gaming Community is sponsoring an aweseom amount of 300CHF to pay for the upcoming expenses of our team! On behalf of the entire Swiss E-Sports Federation, we thank the amdinistartos of for supporting the Swiss League of Legends community so generously!