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The Swiss Esports Federation joins the play-smart initiative and appoints Nina Graifemberg as education coordinator


Bern, the 1st of February 2021: The Swiss Esports Federation («SESF») took part in the kick-off meeting for the Play-Smart initiative organised by the Swiss video game industry to discuss video gaming’s negative aspects. The initiative aims to educate families on the video gaming culture, online interactions, and most importantly, to help gamers of all ages live a healthy gaming lifestyle.

Education is a core pillar for the SESF, and we believe with our diverse group of members we bring the voice of gamers who attend esports events, tournaments, and LAN parties. Esports is a growing industry, and we want to help Swiss gamers live a balanced life on their path to going pro
Jon BaumannSESF President

The SESF board unanimously voted to appoint Nina Graifemberg as the Education Coordinator to help organise the necessary exchange of information between the federation and the Play-Smart initiative and enhance the educational efforts of the SESF. Nina has a rich history in Swiss esports, refereeing many tournaments and working within the Swiss Made Games League and the translation commission.

I’m excited to be given this opportunity by the SESF. Education and player health has been a topic close to my heart, both personally and academically. I am looking forward to working closely with SESF members and Play-Smart to bring about a positive perception of video gaming and a healthy one !
Nina GraifembergÉducation Coordinator

The goal of the SESF for this initiative is to represent and raise the voices of Swiss esports gamers. Furthermore, we want to inform stakeholders about best practices for their tournaments, events and organisations.

About the Swiss Esports Federation

Founded on the 1st of January 2008, the Swiss Esports Federation is a non-profit association comprised of Switzerland’s most active esports organisations. Its goal is to promote, professionalise, and foster esports. The SESF will also advise on incorporating regulations and, most importantly, establish esports as a sport or equivalent status in Switzerland. The organisation prides itself on fair play, empowering players, and has a strict non-discrimination policy. The Swiss Esports Federation is also a founding member of the International Esports Federation.

About Play-Smart.ch

“Play-Smart” is a Swiss initiative from the video game industry. The aim is to promote best practices for the responsible development of players. This initiative is supported by authorities in Switzerland as well as by European and Swiss associations.

If you are interested in this initiative and want to know more about Play-Smart, you can visit their website : http://play-smart.ch

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