Oliver Lutz joins the Swiss Esports Federation

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6th of August, Zurich, Switzerland| FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The Esports Recognition Commission carries out one of the most important functions of the Swiss Esports Federation “SESF” where it works with the corporate industries, federations and government institutions in Switzerland. The commission covers a variety of topics from directing the SESF manifesto to drafting the Esports Code of Conduct. It’s most recent activity was operating the Experience Zone at the IOC Esports Forum in partnership with GAISF and the International Olympics Committee.

Nicolas Pidancet who founded the commission decided to take a step back and a new chairman of the Esports Recognition Commission needed to be appointed. The SESF board interviewed several candidates and chose Oliver Lutz to become the new chairman and lead this commission.

Oliver Lutz is no stranger to esports in Switzerland, he conceptualized and created esports.ch and has actively supported grassroots esports through his platform covering all major esports events in Switzerland. He works as a Senior Digital and Content Manager at UPC.

About the Swiss Esports Federation

The Swiss Esports Federation founded on January 1st, 2008 is a non-profit association comprising of the most active esports organizations in Switzerland. Its goal is to promote esports, professionalize esports, create and foster a community around esports, incorporate regulations and most importantly establish esports as a sport in Switzerland. The organization prides itself on fair play, power to the players and has a zero-tolerance non-discrimination policy. The Swiss esports Federation is also a founding member of the International Esports Federation.



As we see a rapid growth in esports within Switzerland, Oliver was the best choice to lead our most important commission. He has the passion for esports and the experience in managing complex projects. The board and I are extremely pleased to have him join the SESF

Asif Hanafi

Vice President & Board Member, Swiss Esports Federation

I’m excited at this new opportunity in managing the esports recognition commission and look forward to expanding the presence of SESF within Switzerland. The industry is still very new to Switzerland and I thank my predecessor Nicolas Pidancet for all the work he’s done!

Oliver Lutz

Chairman Esports Recognition Commission, Swiss Esports Federation