An eventful weekend lies behind us. Both qualifer tournaments in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft were a resounding success. And it’s with great pride that we announce the Swiss national team for the 7th e-Sports World Championship of the International e-Sports Federation, December 2nd-5th 2015 in Seoul, Korea.

Coming out on top of the eight best Swiss StarCraft players in Friday night’s online-invitational tournament in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, it’s the 19-years old Eloi Quach who will be representing Switzerland. More commonly known to the StarCraft II scene under his alias “Elroye” (Facebook, Twitter), the Swissfrench player has already been considered one of the most talented players of the country for some time. And ever since joining the team “Dead Pixels” he has had the chance to play in international events more often. For this reason his resume not only holds victories in Swiss events, but also several respectable top48 finishes in internatoinal major events such as Dreamhack Summer 2014, Dreamhack Open Stockholm 2015 and Dreamhack Open Valenica 2015. It will be hard to prevail against the top seeded Korean players at the world championship, but Eloi will most definitely understand to be an uncomfortable opponent to go up against.


On Saturday it was team Red Instinct’s and AOC Gaming’s turn to host the qualifier in Hearthstone. It was a close and weary fight until late at night, before Yannick Widmer (23), alias “YounTheory” (Facebook, Twitter) from team “Qualitas Helvetica”, was finally able to take down the last opponent. Yannick, who in the past has been able to leave some impressions in the French pro-scene of Hearthstone, was visibly moved and relieved after his final victory against Houfo. To whom Yannick had lost 2:0 in the winner-bracket earlier on. Yannick will represent Switzerland coming December in the world championships in Korea alongside Eloi.

But that’s not enough for us. The 7th e-Sports World Championship will also hold a tournament in League of Legends – beyond all doubt the world’s most popular e-Sports title at the moment. Also in Switzerland it is likely the most widespread e-Sports game. For this reason it would be a shame not to send a team to the world championships.

We are thrilled to announce, that none other than the winner of the League of Legends Swiss Nationals 2015 will be representing Switzerland in Korea as well. Formerly known as “Binary Evasion Hypnos”, the team of captain Dennis Berg (22), aka. “koala with a hat”, now plays under the same flag as StarCraft player Eloi Quach, team “Dead Pixels”. The other Swiss Nationals winners Adrian “Yamalol” Aebischer (27) and the brothers Ali (21) & Mahdi (17) Nasserzadeh aka. “Lagyli” & “E Pride”, and the 19-years old Joshua “Wild Joshy” Lim complete to line-up.


In cooperation with our partners AOC Gaming and the team “Red Instinct”, and of course with the teams of our national team’s players, team “Qualitas Helvetica” and team “Dead Pixels”, we are eager to launch into this year’s mission at the world champinonships in Korea.