Our website: status and improvements

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SESF’s website has been running for a few years now and we thought it was time for a serious refresh. Therefore, we have had it reworked by our IT department a few weeks ago and made it public at the beginning of April.
We immediately received a lot of constructive feedback, some of you were happy with the changes but some of you were not. Your input is very important to us, so we took the website into maintenance mode, to see the bugs were actually deeper into the code than we thought.
The more we fixed bugs, the more bugs were appearing out of the blue, mostly due to an obsolete system.

Consequently, we have made the decision to build a whole new website and start from scratch. Our IT department found a suitable CMS to work on, and decided to expand to be able to meet the demand. If you are a person working in IT and willing to help design our future website, keep an eye on our social media these next weeks!

During this time, our previous website will be put back online, as requested by many. We are always willing to take suggestions regarding our website, so if you have any input, please feel free to leave a comment on send it through Discord. We wish to thank you for your patience and understanding, and will try our best to have a well-functioning website in a near future.


Current status

  • Assessment of the human and technical requirements