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About us

The Swiss Esports Federation is a non-profit organisation that promotes esports in all regions of Switzerland. We connect different stakeholders within the esports scene to foster growth and encourage communication. The SESF plays a key role as a mediator between the different stakeholders and values the protection of all parties’ interest by ensuring fair play, fair treatment and a positive environment.

In line with these values, we created a universal SESF Referee System that is currently applicable to all competitions and games. The referees trained under our SESF system and sent out to tournaments help us standardise legal practices within the esports tournaments and educate players and organisers alike about fair behaviour. The Swiss Referee System supports us in our effort to promote neutrality, legitimacy, sustainability, integrity, equality and fairness and to make these values a golden standard in our community.

Who are we looking for ?

Are you looking to get more knowledge about the esports industry and its culture? Do you abhor unfair behaviour in tournaments such as cheating and discrimination and would like to take an active role in preventing and regulating it? Do you wish to improve your legal understanding of esports tournaments? Are you already a sports referee who wishes to become a referee in esports? And extend your knowledge of sportive integrity and fairplay into esports?

Then, becoming an esports referee sounds like a perfect fit for you!


  • Very good written and spoken English (B2-C1 minimum). Since we have so many languages in Switzerland the common language for tournaments is English in many cases.

Your benefits & opportunities

While training under our SESF Referee Training Program and becoming a certified referee, you will gain the following skills, benefits and opportunities:


  • Legal understanding of key notions like fair play, integrity, due process
  • Mediation and conflict management
  • Tournament Management basics: technical knowledge about tournaments (logistics and competitive structures) and games
  • Esports ecosystem: power structures and economic considerations
  • Esports culture: sociocultural considerations about esports communities


  • Access to masterclasses on a variety of esports refereeing topics with skilled professionals
  • Opportunity to travel all around Switzerland to attend esports events & tournaments
  • Occasional opportunity to travel abroad to attend esports events & tournaments

Additionally, the training is 100% free and all fees linked to moving to events are compensated. (disclaimer: the job itself is volunteer)

Are you interested in becoming a SESF Referee? Are you the one who can bring the light during dark LAN hours? Then you are the person we are looking for! 

Please fill out the form below if you are interested to become a referee with your relevant information!

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Should you have any questions regarding the SESF Referee Training Program, please contact us at referees@sesf.ch and we will be happy to assist you.

The Swiss Esports Federation fosters an environment promoting non-discrimination, integrity, equality of opportunities, neutrality and respect. Therefore, we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply to the Program.