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Executive Coordinator (Internship)
Executive Team

**Summary** The Swiss Esports Federation is a non-for-profit organisation aiming at promoting esports in Switzerland. The federation is a thriving hub of information and different skillsets for esports lovers from all over the country, and a proud representative of Swiss esports’ people and projects abroad. The Executive Coordinator position is a crucial and central part of our organisation. The mandate of this job is to fluidify all internal processes by making sure every staff member of the federation gets the proper management and coordination support to develop their projects. Additionally, this role gets to be the hands, eyes and ears of the board of directors inside the federation, to make sure information is flowing smoothly between bodies of staff. We expect someone occupying this position to be flexible, extremely organised and committed in helping us make a real change for the Swiss esports industry and community through time. **Job Information:** - Duration: 6 to 12 months - Work rate: part-time (50%) - Ideal start date: January 2022 - Salary: 200 CHF/month **Requirements** - Currently enrolled in a relevant Bachelor or Master Degree (Management, Sports Management, Cultural Management, etc) or freshly graduated and looking to get experience in esports. - Excellent written and spoken English (C1-C2). - Passion for video games and/or esports. - Excellent team player. - Be available to work in the evenings and on weekends (late start during the day). **Additional facultative qualifications:** - Be familiar with GSuite, Notion and Slack. - Be familiar with both waterfall and agile management methodologies. - Be familiar with the Swiss esports scene. **Responsibilities** - Have oversight of all SESF projects and report to the Board of Directors. - Coordinate internal communications with other staff members. - Facilitate meetings. - Facilitate the creation of projects briefs. - Process new staff onboarding. - Update projects in the project management software. - Notetaking in team meetings and in board meetings.