SESF Certification

The SESF Referee Commission has one mission: ensuring that esport competitions are fair, and comply with other ethical standards, like the international standards established by the Esport Integrity Coalition (ESIC).

Our standards among other elements, promote fair-play, fight against corruption, establish sanctions for cheaters, fight against discrimination. Basically, at the SESF, we try to make the players able to focus on the thing they love: gaming.

We provide you:

  • A 100% neutral refereeing system, with trained SESF referees.
  • A top tier ruleset which ensures their player rights will be respected.

Organizers are not forgotten in the process !

We provide them:

  • Already written official rules and the Referee Commission’s experience in order to provide a first class esports tournament experience to all the participants.
  • The analytical capabilities of the referees when having troubles with players because of a difficult decision.
  • The possibility to avoid refereeing mistakes that would harm the competition’s reputation.

Until now we certified several competitions such as:

  • Switzerlan (2018)
  • Swiss Made Games League (2018-2019)
  • Baloise International Game Show (2018)
  • Swiss Esports League (2019)
  • Rocket O-Llama Cup (2019)
  • PolyLAN (2019)

SESF Standards

If you want more info about the SESF refereeing system, all the information can be directly found in the SESF Standards right here: pdf document

For certification of your event or other business inquiries, feel free to write at