Almost 40 different Swiss e-Sports and gaming organizations came together for the SESF Reorganization 2016 Kick-Off Meeting on Saturday, May 21st at the Best Western Hotelbern in the old town of Bern. It was an intense Saturday afternoon. A room full of 50 people, with just as many different expectations and opinions. However, as we dug into various discussions, it became clear, that our opinions might not be as far apart as perceived in the beginning – quite the contrary is even the case.

No doubt, some organizations are more demanding than others. But that’s the beauty of discussions – and politics. Perhaps the kick-off meeting was the first time for many to realize, that with starting down the path towards democratization of our Federation, we are also starting down a path of politics. In finding the best way for the SESF, there are no simple wrongs and rights – there is only what we can agree on most, and least.

The particpants have expressed their expectations and demands. Each of which will be carefully considered by the current Board of the SESF, as well as by the newly formed “Federation Reorganization Commission”. Three labor-intensive months lie between us and the Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) in August. But we’re more optimistic than ever before, that – with our common interests and goals –we will be able to create a new, united Swiss E-Sports Federation.

Temporary Commissions until the EGM

There are at least two commission we are intending to put in place temporarily until the EGM on Saturday, August 20th 2016. “Temporary” because with the EGM, the SESF is likely to adopt an entirely new structure. Every commission is represented by a “Spokesman”, who is in charge of organization & coordination of the commission, as well as of the communication between the members of the commission and the Board of the SESF.

– Event-Organizers Commission

With the growing number of event-organizations all over Switzerland, the SESF is in dire need of a dedicated commission to channel the event-organizers’ interests, requests & needs. The members of the Event-Organizers Commission should be the representatives of the most important event-organizations from at least both, the German- and the French-speaking, regions of Switzerland.

At the Kick-Off Meeting we asked for candidates to volunteer for the position as Spokesman of the commission, and intended to let the participants vote for their favorite candidate. However, since no candidate volunteered for the position, the participants of the meeting have agreed to have the Board of the SESF looking for suitable candidates and contact them directly.

For this task, we appreciate your inputs. Whether you have a person to suggest, or you’d like to suggest yourself – please let us know! >>

The responsibilities of the “Event-Organizers Commission Spokesman” will be:

To represent the event-organizers interests, needs, requests towards the Swiss E-Sports Federation;
To foster communication and exchange between event-organizers of the Swiss scene;
To select a suitable subset of representatives of event-organizations to staff the commission;
To hold regular commission meetings to exchange ideas with members of the commission;
To be a Single-Point-of-Contact for the Board of the Swiss E-Sports Federation when they have requests towards event-organizers.

– Federation Reorganization Commission

This commission will be the key to the “new SESF” that shall arise at the EGM in August. This commission’s difficult task will be to design extensive and conclusive statutes, the structure and other necessary regulatory documents for the new SESF. Finally, the results will be subject to a vote at the EGM.

Of course this commission is determined to find solutions in the best interest of the Swiss scene as a whole. It heavily relies on the constant inputs of ideas and challenges from the community, as well as on your feedback on decision which the commission has taken in the process.

This commission will consist of seven people. The participants have accepted to have Vinzenz Kögler, currently president of the SESF, as one predefined member of the commission. All candidates (~15) for the remaining six positions in the commission have finally agreed on the following members for the Federation Reorganization Commission:

  • Yann Beaud (Romandie, representative of PolyLAN)
  • Cyril Dettwiler (Romandie, representative of Team Dead Pixels)
  • Daniel Haller (Swissgerman, representative of Lionsky Entertainment former SwissDC)
  • Dominique Hostettler (Swissgerman, representative of Team mYinsanity)
  • Vinzenz Kögler (“Swissgerman”, representative of the SESF), Spokesman
  • Boris Mayencourt (Romandie, representative of Team E-LVETS)
  • Tom Riat (Romandie, representative of Wesports)

The members of the commission have appointed Vinzenz Kögler as their Spokesman, and have already taken up work and started to arrange the first meetings.

You can get in touch with the Federation Reorganization Commission via >>

– Technical Commission

Given the expectation of having to majorly overhaul the SESF’s website, and to introduce new tools in the future, e.g. to support the community with a common calendar, forum or similar, etc., we consider it necessary to install a commission dedicated to infrastructural tasks.

Therefore, we are looking for motivated people to take part in such a commission on a voluntary basis. You should bring along a set of skills such as programming (web development) or graphic design. As well as reliability, dedication, and the ability to work in a team.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, providing information about you and your skills & qualifications. >>

– Other Temporary Commissions

Depending on individual needs of members in the community or of the Federation we will consider to create other reasonable temporary commissions – “reasonable” in consideration of the short time period until the EGM.

The SESF has also carefully communicated some updates concerning other, ongoing projects.

Swiss Nationals

The reorganization, and legitimization of the SESF is of the highest priority for this year. We decided, that given the amount of extra efforts we will face with the reorganization process, it will be the least disruptive if Stephan Mäder and Tobias Feller remain in charge of the Swiss Nationals for the rest of 2016. Appointing the staff for the Swiss Nationals 2017 will be subject to the EGM on August 20th.

We are currently negotiating with various stakeholders about the possibility of realizing an offline event, for multiple days and games, at the end of this year.

IeSF World Championship 2016

We have just received the official press announcement by the International e-Sports Federation (“IeSF”), clarifying the date and the titles of the next, 8th e-Sports World Championship. It will be held October 6th – 9th in Jakarta, Indonesia, and feature primary tournaments in “League of Legends”, “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and “Hearthstone”. IeSF has also announced that they will be financially supporting selected National Federations, covering athletes’ travel expenses.

However, never knowing how much financial support the SESF will qualify for, we are currently negotiation with stakeholders about marketing possibilities to finance the participation in the World Championships without IeSF support entirely.

Open for Membership Applications

Every organization that has participated (or registered for participation) in the SESF Reorg 2016 Kick-Off Meeting may apply for membership to the Swiss E-Sports Federation. The offer to apply for membership in the Swiss E-Sports Federation will be extended to other organizations at a later point in time. Given the statutory uncertainty until the EGM on August 20th, a membership in the Swiss E-Sports Federation will come with no conditions, but the right to attend to and vote at the EGM. Each application should include the following:

  • Full Name of the Organization;
  • Letter of intent & motivation, expressing wish for membership admission and organization’s motivation;
  • Main contact person (i.e. First name, Last Name, Postal Address, Birthday, E-Mail Address, Phone Number);
  • Purpose of the Organization (description of teams, events, and/or other activities of your Organization);
  • In case your organization is an association according to Art. 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code: your organization’s statutes signed by legal signatory;
  • Logo of your organization (large, preferably *.png or vector-format, transparent background);
  • Games covered by your organization (please state platform, i.e. PC/Xbox/PS if not obvious);
  • URLs of your organization’s online presences (e.g. Website, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, etc.).

For further question or in order to apply for membership in the Swiss E-Sports Federation send the required information to >>

Again we’d like to thank all the attendants for participating in the SESF Reorg 2016 Kick-Off Meeting. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the progress of the Federation Reorganization Commission, on the process for finding a Spokesman for the Event-Organizers Commission, and updates concerning the Swiss Nationals and the IeSF World Championship.