It has been a few months since our SESF Reorg 2016 Kick-Off Meeting in Bern. And a lot of things have happened in in the Swiss e-Sports scene since – and are happening still.

For the IeSF World Championship taking place October 6th-9th in Jakarta (Indonesia), we are currently in the middle of the Swiss qualifier. For those of you who didn’t see it yet, check out for more details. We are holding two online qualifiers per game (League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft). Culminating in an offline event on August 27th at the Arena Cinema in Fribourg, where the two winners of each game’s online qualifiers face off for the spot in the Swiss delegation for the World Championship.

Reorganization Commission

We have commenced the work at the Reorganization Commission right after the Kick-Off meeting. We started with defining how we would work in the coming months. Went on to have elaborate discussions about structures and membership types. And now, we are at the point where we have to put it into the appropriate form – text and paper. Yet, unfortunately the summer vacations and various happenings in Switzerland have kept the members of the Reorganization Commission more busy than anticipated back at the Kick-Off meeting. And we thus have come to the conclusion that we have to reschedule the Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Road to the Extraordinary General Meeting

We are facing somewhat of a challenge regarding the “how” we want to put the new statutes into force. To make sure that we can make the transition of the SESF as smooth and successful as possible, this is the process we have put in place:

1. Finalizing the Statutes

a) The Reorganization Commission will publish a “version 0” of the statutes by August 21st.
b) We will collect feedback and inputs from everyone regarding the statutes.
c) By September 4th, the Commission will work the feedbacks/findings into the finalized statutes.

2. Put Statutes into Force

a) The current Board of the SESF will then put the new statutes into force as soon as they have been finalized.
b)From that point on it is possible to become a member of the SESF base on the new statutes.

This is essential as only once you are a member you will legally be allowed to vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

3. Members and Preparation of the Extraordinary General Meeting

a) The current board of the SESF announces and prepares the Extraordinary General Meeting in accordance of the newly enforced statutes.
b)The current board of the SESF invites the members and shares the agenda for the Extraordinary General meeting.
c)Members of the SESF will be able to propose motions (such as changes to the statutes) to the Extraordinary General Meeting which will added to the agenda.

The Extraordinary General Meeting (rescheduled)

Unfortunately, in order to properly go through this transition process in an orderly fashion, it is necessary to reschedule the Extraordinary General Meeting. It will NOT take place on August 20th, as originally anticipated.

Instead, the Extraordinary General Meeting will be taking place on Sunday, October 23rd.

We do realize that this is quite a significant delay of the Reorganization. But we would most certainly not do it, if we were not absolutely sure of this being the correct decision. We want to do it right – for you, for us, for the entire Swiss E-Sport community.

Your Reorganization Commission

Yann Beaud, Cyril Dettwiler, Daniel Haller, Dominique Hostettler, Vinzenz Kögler, Boris Mayencourt, Tom Riat