It is about time for change in the SESF – with you, and for you. In it’s last meeting, the executive board of the federation has taken important decisions to proceed with the federation’s structures – and more importanly it has decided on a how and a when. Thus it is with great anticipation, but not without anxiety, that we present the Reorganisation Roadmap.

Starting today we will utilize the time till the Reorganisation Kick-Off Meeting on Mai 21st, to build a network with the most important organisations in Switzerland. All of them shall have the opportunity to attend the meeting. As it’ is them who must have the right to decide over the federation.


For this we will appoint coordinators to contact organisations in the Romandie, the German- as well as the Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland. All flow of information about and finally the invitation to the kick-off meeting shall go to the organisations through their according coordinator.

If your organisation is interested in participating to the Kick-Off meeting, please fill in this form :


Kick-Off: Reorganisation 2016

The prime purpose of the Kick-Off meeting will be, to define a common goal for the SESF. The attending organisation will have the opportunity on the spot to officially join the federation as members.


As members, the organisations will finally have the chance, to take part in the decisions on what is to happen in the federation. They shall make use of the time after the kick-off meeting until the extraordinary general meeting on August 20th, to form interest groups, formulate their ideas, and wishes. And file them as motions to the general meeting, to present them and put them up for voting to all the members.


Extraordinary General Meeting

The extraordinary general meeting in the end of August will be the peak of the reorganisation process. It will be there, where the motions filed by the members will be up for voting. It will be there, where the members decide the changes to the structure and the statutes of the federation. And it will be there, where the members will elect the hands to lead the fate of the federation in the future.


We are looking forward to some intense and exciting months. We can’t wait to finally give the federation the basic democratic justification that you – the community – have deserved.