“It’s an incredible opportunity” That’s what we were told on the 13th of July to organize the Experience Zone at the IOC #EsportsForum and hell yes it was a HUUGE opportunity.

The SESF not only had it’s President Boris Mayencourt as a delegate at the first of its kind event between the Esports and Sports world but we could also represent and show some of the games to the IOC delegates.

So members of the board started making calls, we wanted the right people, fluent in English, available, open, fun but also knowledgeable about Esports, SESF and it’s games. Finally with a little help from our partner SESL and the Esports Recognition commission we were able to put together a solid team of absolutely awesome people. The next time you meet Nicolas Pidancet or Michael Bieri or Erich Althaus just hug them. Don’t say hello, just give them a hug because without them SESF wouldn’t have been as awesome.

Ana, Paul, Ivan, and Nicolas. Yes, yes, I purposefully left their last name out because the truth is every time you hear any of these names you need to think these are the SESF members who went over and above in representing the SESF or in other words they clutched it. However, Ana is from Unity Athletes, Paul from Evenfall and Ivan from Elvets and Nicolas really needs no introduction.


So Friday night, the fancy cocktail started, there was no media present that night, it was just the invited guests. An elite gathering of the who’s who of the Esports world and the sports world. We had the CEO of some major publishers, senior members of various federations and a number of esports federation all chilling enjoying the amazing food, they featured mini-dishes from all over the world which was very thoughtful. Everyone was relaxed, open conversations and what surprised me is the non-esports people were super keen to learn about esports and some even tried it out.



The next day things got serious, there were some intense discussions all politically correct. You can watch the panels and various “official” discussions here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A50HV9q6oso 

Statements were made, most of them were positive but the consensus was a lot of work needs to be done because as cool as it sounds having esports at the Olympics both the Olympics and the esports industry has been doing pretty well without each other. No one really knows’s the way forward but one of the coolest outcomes of the event was that publishers, esports federations, and global organizers were able to get together and as Leopold, the acting general secretary of the IESF put it, Esports met Esports.

The SESF made some serious contacts and we will share those names with the members. The goal is we will faciliate conversations between members and the contacts we met. CEO of ESL, PUBG, Fnatic, senior management from Razer, Capcom but also Presidents of Federations.


But wait, you thought that was it? Nooooo! We didn’t want to just end at 7 pm on a Saturday night! I mean come on, a celebration was needed and thanks to the Swiss Association of Sports Managers ( ASMS ) and Thinksports the SESF was able to host a fabulous after party. I can’t tell you what was discussed there, because what happened at the White Horse stays at the White Horse… but it was an excellent closure to the IOC #EsportsForum, we had some celebrities there, presidents of federations, publishers and members of SESF. Obviously, as the night progressed taking pictures became less of a priority but in future maybe we will engage a designated photographer!



As a closing note, I’m super proud of the Swiss Esports Federation, we’ve accomplished a great deal and we still have so much to accomplish. With the news of PostFinance and Swisscom joining the party with UPC and TCS, the SESF is in a unique position to not only lead esports in Switzerland but to set the standards for new players entering the market.

It’s our slogan but it’s also your slogon.

One Federation. One Passion.