“Version 0” of the statutes is ready. And as promised – even though with a slight delay – we publish it in order to enable you to give us feedback.

Under the following link you can access the latest version of the statutes:

You have feedback? Then please let us know and try to be as specific as possible (e.g. reference the according section/article/paragraph) and send it by email to reorgcomm@sesf.ch.

The following remarks shall help you in your thought process:

  • Regard the statutes as the “constitution” of an association. It shall really only define the cornerstones but not be too specific about details where it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Today E-Sports in Switzerland are still very small, for this reason it is reasonable not to implement a blown-up structure. We shall make use of the “smallness” in our advantage and remain dynamic.
  • Yet, E-Sports will certainly grow, so it is important to formulate the statutes in such a way that they are a good framework for a scalable association in the future.
  • Every change of the statutes requires the approval of the General Assembly, i.e. can only be decided once per year. This is why it is important to think about whether something really needs to be in the statutes, or can be left to the board or other organs of the association to decide upon.

We will collect your feedback until September 4th, evaluate and analyse it, and feed it back into the statutes. Afterwards we will finalize the statutes, and the current board of the SESF will put them into effect. From that moment on it will be possible to become a member of the association based on the new statutes. Coming with all the rights and responsibilities, such as participating in the Extraordinary General Aeeting on October 23rd.

We are looking forward to receiving your inputs. Let’s get the SESF on track!