Written by Erich Althauser

Football is a very traditional and emotional sport. The fans identify with clubs, the team and their region and show immense passion.

The same passion is noticeable when we take a look at the youth playing video games in teams with their friends or consuming media – No matter the time of day, country, language or age.

Therefore, the Swiss Esports Federation represents the following goals and values:

  • Connecting the community
  • Encourage professionalism
  • Passion without profit
  • Opposing discrimination
  • Power to the player
  • Fairness

As a consequence, the Swiss Esports Federation created a manifesto, describing each point in detail. You may read more about this at www.sesf.ch/manifesto

In regard to the obligation of licensing, we are aware of this disclaimer by the Young Boys Bern.

The Swiss Esports Federation warmingly welcomes leagues like the SFL football league and support them as they aid one of the SESF’s goals.

We can however see all the different arguments made for and against the discussed licensing obligation and are confident in our opinion against this obligation for clubs that are part of the SFL. We think it would also be a necessity that other organisations that are not active in traditional football should be able to join.

The Swiss Esports Federation offers an outlet for anyone involved as well as esports-interested organisations to talk through and discuss any thoughts or opinions. We will aid you with any questions and will help take the necessary measures in the appropriate scenarios.


The Swiss Esports Federation founded on January 1st, 2008 is a non-profit association comprising of the most active esports organizations in Switzerland. Its goal is to promote esports, professionalize esports, create and foster a community around esports, incorporate regulations and most importantly establish esports as a sport in Switzerland. The organization prides itself on fair play, power to the players and has a zero-tolerance non-discrimination policy. The Swiss Esports Federation is also a founding member of the International Esports Federation.