Last weekend the playoffs of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Swiss Nationals 2015 took place at the anniversary edition of the Netgame Convention at the Expo Thun. The CS:GO Lineup of Team mYinsanity secured the title of Swiss Champions 2015, with an exceptional performance during the whole tournament wich deserved to be rewarded. In the grand final, mYinsanity defeated Team Maaischguet 3:0 on the Maps Dust2(16:8), Inferno (16:6) and finally Train (16:11) in superior manner. Team Fragment eSports achieved the third place behind runner’s up Maaischguet.

Network issues

The playoff matches were unfortunately plagued by constant dire network issues which led to occasional lag situations ingame. The admins of the Swiss Nationals that were on location, as well as the administrators of the Netgame Convention did everything in their power to get these issues under control. In an attempt to locate the source of the network issues, the administrators of the Swiss Nationals set up new CS:GO servers during friday night, and the administrators of the Netgame Convention changed a Switch (Network Device). Since these problems kept happening, both Server and Switch could be excluded as the source of the problems.

Finally, most of the matches had to be played despite the issues. The Swiss Nationals and the SESF formally apologize for these network issues and vow to take measures for next year which should help avoid situations like this. Players, teams and organisation are all in agreement that a competition as important as the Swiss Nationals Playoffs should never again be played under such circumstances.

The aforementioned issues however do not lessen the exceptional perfomances of all participants in any way, especially the perfomance of the victor of the playoffs – mYinsanity, Swiss Champions of 2015! We also want to thank all those teams that acted in an understanding and constructive manner and were always looking for solutions instead of problems.

Team “Red Instinct” eliminated by Def-Loss

A shadow lay over the playoffs because of Team Red Instinct’s aggressive protest concerning the network issues and adverse conditions of play. The severity of the protest resulted in a early elimination from the tournament due to a “defeat by rule” (def-loss), which at this point were still the Swiss Champions of 2014.

Before this situation, Team Red Instinct had asked for a rematch because of the network issues after losing their match versus mYinsanity. Since the rules clearly state that teams/players need to pause the game and report to the admins immediately when experiencing issues, this request was denied by the Swiss Nationals admins. Additionally, all teams were affected equally by the network issues.

Red Instinct was supposed to play their third match against Team Maaischguet on Saturday at 10am, but did not appear on the server in the 15 minutes given by the rules. This constituted a breach of the rules, which was ignored by the tournament administration out of leniency for the network issues.

In the next attempt of playing the match, Red Instinct left the server during the first round of play without any comment and demanded a rematch versus mYinsanity shortly after. After multiple warnings by the Swiss Nationals Admins, and the directive to return to the server, where Maaischguet was waiting, within the next 15 minutes, around 2pm the match was finally registered as a defeat (def-loss) of Red Instinct as according to the rules, which resultet in their elimination from the tournament.