After having organized the E-Sports European Championship (ESEC) for two years in a row now, E-Frag has decided to launch their first world championship for CS:GO in cooperation with “The World Championship” (TWC).

While there were 42 and 44 nations participating in the two ESECs, a total of 77 nations have signed up for TWC – and Switzerland is one of them. After all it is not only a competition for fame and honor, but for an invite to the offline-playoffs at the end of the year in Serbia, where the teams play for a cashprize of 100’000$US. Through community contributions the prizepool will increase even further.

Through the qualification phase from May till October, one continent after another will hold continental qualifiers. In the end, the best 16 teams will play in the deciding playoffs in Serbia.

Captain of the Swiss national team is Michael “chline” Bieri. He has been an active member of the Swiss CS- and LAN-scene for several years and knows his business. For our decision, which we had too make under substantial pressure of the the TWC organizers who were communication on way too short notice, we did not hestitate to nominate Michael for the job. We were certain about Michael’s qualification for this task, his engagement and his motivation to contribute to the overall Swiss E-Sports scene. As SESF we have full confidence in him, and support his decisions concerning the draft of players for the national team. As he has considered a wide range of different players and has communicated very openly with players and collegues from the Romandie, he has further confirmed our trust in him.

The line-up for the launch of the qualification phase looks as follows, however adjustments can still be made by the team captain during dedicated transfer-periods of TWC:

Florent “MAC” Timofte, Red Instinct
Florian “bNt” Herensperger, Jesus5
Karim “krumpze” Ben Amor, Swiss Rage
Michael “carlsoN” Journot, Red Instinct
Nicola “scrunch” Riesen, mYinsanity
Nikita “rustyy” Sulger, SILENTGAMING
Robin “KZS” Wahl Ksazkiewcz, unKnights
Samuel “Freelance” Rio, Swiss Rage
Sylvain “XpliciT” Schaufelberger, Red Instinct
Tom “spider” Weber, Plan-B