Swiss Esports Federation launches the Esports Certification Program

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9th of September, Zurich, Switzerland| FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The SESF has been working on a certification program for organizers. This program will help organizers ensure that they follow the standard rule sets and that their tournaments follow the highest standards. By achieving this certification, they will send a powerful message to both players and sponsors that they have taken the leap to professionalize their tournaments.

As the program grows the commission will recruit and train referees and those who are interested in becoming referees can apply here  

In case you are wondering what does an esports referee do? You can always read the FAQ and description of the responsibilities a referee has by visiting here or contacting one of the members of the referee’s commission in the official Swiss Esports Federation discord.

The referee’s commission can be contacted in our Discord or by email at


About the Swiss Esports Federation

The Swiss Esports Federation founded on January 1st, 2008 is a non-profit association comprising of the most active esports organizations in Switzerland. Its goal is to promote esports, professionalize esports, create and foster a community around esports, incorporate regulations and most importantly establish esports as a sport in Switzerland. The organization prides itself on fair play, power to the players and has a zero-tolerance non-discrimination policy. The Swiss Esports Federation is also a founding member of the International Esports Federation.



Rules are what makes a competition fair and competitive and helps create the right atmosphere to encourage sportsmanship. We’re excited to launch this program because we believe it will encourage more quality tournaments in Switzerland

Lukas Jakob

Chairman of the Referees Commission, Swiss Esports Federation

One of the federations most important goals was to launch this referees certification program, providing the Swiss gamers the assurance that the certified tournament will run at the highest possible standards. As the demand for esports evolves we believe that this will help the entire ecosystem but also show non-esports people that esports is more than just sitting behind a computer!

Boris Mayencourt

President , Swiss Esports Federation