Swiss Esports Federation launches The Executive Team

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25th of January, Davos, Switzerland | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The esports industry, in 2019, is heading to become a billion-dollar industry and Switzerland is no exception. With the expansion of SESL leagues, the entrance of Swisscom & ESL into the Swiss market, there is no doubt that esports is growing in Switzerland.

The Swiss Esports Federation (“SESF”) is also growing rapidly and, with this rapid growth, there was a need to have an executive team that could support the SESF and its members. The team comprises of industry professionals, who are passionate about esports, but also possess the necessary experience in their respective functions.

The team will be led by Asif Hanafi, Vice-President and Board Member of the SESF, and will comprise of the following people:

Gabriel Ratano – Executive Manager
Tristan Gianora – Head of Legal
Noëlle Desjeux – Head of Communications
Patrick Roth – Head of Tournaments
Almudena Berzosa – Head of Psychology & People Development

In 2018, the SESF launched the certification program for tournaments, to help standardise rules across competitions, and the “esports framework”, providing a framework for players and tournament organisers.

More information on the team and the upcoming projects will follow over the next few weeks. Among those, new Job openings to complete the team will be published soon. They will be shared on our website and social networks, so be sure to follow us to stay updated.

About the Swiss Esports Federation

The Swiss Esports Federation founded on January 1st, 2008 is a non-profit association comprising of the most active esports organizations in Switzerland. Its goal is to promote esports, professionalize esports, create and foster a community around esports, incorporate regulations and most importantly establish esports as a sport in Switzerland. The organization prides itself on fair play, power to the players and has a zero-tolerance non-discrimination policy. The Swiss esports Federation is also a founding member of the International Esports Federation.


The launch of the executive team comes at a perfect time, with a rapidly growing interest in esports, our partners and members expect and rely more on the SESF to professionalize esports, with the team we will bring structure into the federation, that will benefit the esports industry in Switzerland and take it to new heights.

Asif Hanafi

Vice President & Board Member, Swiss Esports Federation