On the 28th of May, 2019, was held the third European Esports Federations meeting at the SwissTech Convention Center, in Lausanne.

Following the first edition that took place in Paris in January, and the second one, that took place in Berlin in April, the Swiss Esports Federation (SESF) organised the third occurrence. The goal of these meetings is to pave the way to the creation of an European Esports Federation (EEF).

As a host event, SESF chose The Spot. The latter is organised by ThinkSport, a sportive innovation network. SESF saw in The Spot the possibility to merge the best of the two colliding, yet diverging, worlds: sports and esports.

In total, 28 representatives from 18 countries participated in the meeting.

Three workshops allowed the representatives to present their federation and to discuss in depth on two prominent topics:

  • Criteria for national representation, memberships principles, governance and democratic proceedings
  • Relations with international stakeholders and right holders

The intense discussions resulted in the selection of an establishment committee. Composed of federations representing Belgium, Russia, France, Israel and Germany, this committee shall be charged with facilitating the creation of a shared European body. A fourth meeting will be held later during the year and will most likely be the founding meeting of the EEF.

Those seeking to follow information about the project as it develops are invited to visit esportseurope.org.


SESF is glad to have hosted such a constructive and decisive meeting. We are proud to be a key actor on the path to the European Esports Federation’s creation.