Last weekend it was time for this years’ world championship by the International eSports Federation – the 2013 IeSF World Championship. Participants from around the globe competed in the disciplines “League of Legends” (male, 5v5) and “Alliance of Valiant Arms” (male, 5v5), respectively “StarCraft II” (female, 1v1) and “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” (female, 1v1) for IeSF’s World Championship title. Switzerland was competing as well, with a team in League of Legends.

For the first time in it’s 5-years history, the world federation has dared to take a step away from South Korea, and move the World Championship to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. With Romanias Professional Gamers League, who are also the organizers of Dreamhack Bucharest, the IeSF has found a powerful partner to transform the world championship into a top notch production.

The largest delegation with which Switzerland has ever participated in an IeSF World Championship constisted of Vinzenz Koegler (President), Rowien Bolkensteyn (Vize-President) and Marco Juen (Secretary of Finance), and the League of Legends players Dennis “Koala with a Hat” Berg, Daryl “shacol0l” Brandi, Clément “swissmoney” Chappot, Remo “Sakrod” Bollhalder and Michael “bioholic” Metzger.

The board members discussed the future of E-Sports not only with other officials of 40 other countries and the IeSF board, but also with the vize-president of Dreamhack and the CEO of Na’Vi, one of the single most successful professional gaming teams in the world.

Meanwhile the League of Legends team fought it’s way to the second place of the group (after victories against Portugal and host Romania, and a defeat against Russia), out of the Groupstage all the way in to the Single Elimination Phase of the championship. Unfortunately, that was where the team from Korea was waiting, the favorites to take the whole championship. The first game of the Bo3 was a more than clear victory for Korea. Yet, the Swiss team was able to adjust really well in the second game. And even though the Swiss were able to take the lead at some point in the game, two major mistakes in team fight scenarios finally turned the game in the Koreans favor.

At the end of it all, the Koreans also lived up to everyone’s expectation and won the world championship after a crystal clear 2:0 victory over the team from the Netherlands. Spain came third. All the results can be looked up on the official website of the IeSF World Championship ( Korea also won the overall Nationscup after they took the titles in A.V.A. and Tekken as well.

At this point, one last time, we want to thank the Swiss gaming communities SwissSMP and Fightgenossen, and the player David “eshA” Martin for their most generous sponsoring, which were the reason why our players were able to travel to Bucharest in the first place, and brought back wonderful memories of an amazing event. Thanks also to the players who have not only shown great games, but also great sportsmanship. Last but not least, thanks to the International eSports Federation and the Professional Gamers League, who have organized the whole thing.

Pictures and videos will follow in the next days. Find the replays on