Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over! The IESF (International Esports Federation) just released the dates for its upcoming 11th Esports World Championship, that will take place in Seoul.

As IESF’s last World Championships in Kaohsiung were a huge success, the 11th Esports World Championship will be held in Seoul, South Korea, from 11th to 15th December, 2019.

For over 10 years, Esports World Championship has established its status as the only International Esports World Championship based on participation from Member National Federations.

The number of IESF Member National Federations is always increasing, coming up to 54 nations to date, including Switzerland. As a result of such growth, IESF’s Competition is a dynamic Esports World Championship reflecting the diversity and representation of its member federations.

If you want to know more about IESF’s previous Championship history, you can find all the information you need here: