It has been a while. Long enough that a few words may be needed to get everyone on the same page. “Swiss Nationals” is the name that the Swiss e-Sports Federation has chosen for its national e-Sports championships. While there are obviously many tournaments, run by equally many organizers, in a great number of different game titles, the “Swiss Nationals” are where the SeSF crowns it’s Swiss champions.

Swiss Nationals in 2014 and 2015 were realized together with the ERENYA LAN-Party and the NetGame Convention respectively. And earlier last year we announced Swiss Nationals 2016. However, due to the major reorganization process the federation was going through, we never really got around to get it going. Thus, after a year of absence, we are more than happy to finally be back with the Swiss Nationals 2017!


A few months ago we have shared a request for applications with our members. Every member with an interest to host the Swiss Nationals 2017 in any game title had the opportunity to hand in an application to do so.  Although we have only received one single application. This one application was already all we could have asked for. Prefire The League has applied to host the Swiss Nationals 2017, and despite initial misunderstandings and after several rounds of discussion we were able to come to terms. 

Prefire’s Fall Season 2017 of Skill Classes 1 in League of LegendsCounter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft and Overwatch will serve as Swiss Nationals and crown the SeSF’s national champion 2017. While League of Legends, Counter-Strike and Hearthstone have already concluded their qualifiers, and have a now closed field of competitors, the qualifiers for the recently announced Overwatch league are still to come – your chance to compete for the Swiss National title 2017 if you are not in the race in any of the other games yet.

A Decision to Taken Lightly

We do understand, that this news comes a little late for those teams and players, who would have liked to play for the Swiss champion’s title, but did not participate in the Prefire qualifiers for that according game. But despite some teams missing from Prefire, the majority of the the largest and strongest Swiss organizations are competing. And under consideration that the year is close to over, and that the next opportunity for all teams is only months away, and that we value the need for a Swiss Nationals 2017 higher than almost anything else, we are convinced that we have found a great Partner in Prefire, and a great solution for the Nationals for this year.


Swiss Nationals 2018 and Beyond

For the Swiss Nationals 2017 we have defined clear requirements, and asked our members for applications. From those applications we have chosen the best solution for the Swiss Nationals. With such a process we are convinced to have found a modell which will also suit future Swiss Nationals in the years to come. It is comprehensible, it is transparent, and it gives everyone in the Swiss community a fair chance to become a part of it. 

All the learnings from shortcomings of this year, we will use to improve the request for applications for the future. But now we are looking forward to exciting months, with high qualitiy content and the toughest e-Sports competition the Swiss scene has to offer.

We do understand, that since some of the SK1 tiers are already closed and have no further qualifiers, some teams will not be able to compete for the SN title this year. Nonetheless, the leagues as they are today do already include most of the largest and strongest organizations of Switzerland in the respective title.

The limited number of applications did not offer the SeSF many options to choose regarding a suitable, and affordable format for the Swiss Nationals for this year. But Prefire The League has done a tremendous job in the past months in establishing and operating e-Sports competitions, and has provided more than enough proof for their abilities. So their single application was all we could have asked for. Moreover, by working with Prefire The League, the Swiss Nationals 2017 will not create any additional costs for the SeSF. And in the end of the day, having a Swiss Nationals 2017 was more important to us – and we believe also to the community – than to have an open format in all titles.

By asking organizers for applications to operate the Swiss Nationals, we’re convinced to have found the ideal format also for the coming years, to reliably have annual Swiss Nationals. This first edition with Prefire will hopefully inspire many other organizers to also apply for hosting the championship next year. And that this way, under the SeSF, we can help each other to grow as organizations. And to grow e-Sports in Switzerland.

Vinzenz Kögler

President, Swiss e-Sports Federation