Nowadays, Swiss esports is constantly growing and with an ever expanding audience. An increasing number of innovative esports projects are emerging all around the world, but noetic’s is unique in Switzerland. This Fribourg-based association has outlined the foundations of a training and supervision centre, its main goal being promoting a healthy and responsible practice of video games.

In the heart of Fribourg, a fully equipped space – of 200 m2! – would open its doors to the public at the end of August 2019.
Thanks to this place, noetic wishes to provide professional guidance and support to anyone wishing to learn, train or improve in this discipline.

In 2019, video games are a global socio-cultural phenomenon, with more than one in five people concerned in Switzerland. This concept will, therefore, be of public utility.

REPER Fribourg, an organisation for the prevention and awareness of problematic game consumption, among young people, contributes to the project by collaborating with noetic.
The structure has also received support from the City of Fribourg for the development of its training centre.

The 16th of January, noetic announced the launch of its crowdfunding on the Raiffeisen Bank platform. In order to reach its goal, the association needs the support of the Swiss esports community to make that centre possible.

More information about this subject can be found at

The SESF exists only thanks to its members, therefore it is very important to us to help promote our members’ projects.

In this case, noetic’s crowdfunding initiative is a great step forward for esports in Freiburg and, by extension, Swiss esports.

We encourage everyone interested in esports to consider helping them reach their goal !

Boris Mayencourt

SESF's President